June 12, 2018

Examples of bad relations to avoid

The success of an entire business can depend on the relationship with the development team. If you have a truly good business plan and strategy your goals are still under risk if your development team for example is not involved enough or have a lack of skills in analysis and communication.

Below I will describe 5 common issues business managers encounter when collaborating with developers. If you’ll see something similar in your collaboration you need to take actions to prevent further risks.

Bad skills level
Developer is poorly skilled in programming languages and technologies, has a limited understanding of development practices and makes mistaken decisions which leads to the overall low quality of the delivery. Usually this situation creates a necessity for a customer to spend significant time testing and report obvious bugs. Meanwhile, the process is better-organized when a customer only suggests improvements (such as UI tweaks, new use cases, etc) but not makes a QA testing work which is a development team’s responsibility.

Bad communication
When I collaborate with new people I often encounter the following communication issues:

  • Lack of interest. Reluctance to actively discussing an actual problem. Instead of it, the developer is doing some lower-prioritized tasks and postponing the problem discussion for later.
  • Logically incorrect sentences, language and communication barriers. It causes difficulties when trying to understand the pressing issues or explain them.
  • Aptitude to criticise teammates/customers instead of resolving mistakes. It is rather a personal characteristic, not a communication problem.

There also exist etiquette problems, such as interruptions during voice calls, personal criticism, lack of respect, raising the voice while communicating. Etiquette problems are critical for me, so I stop working with such people at the very beginning.

Bad understanding and business analysis
Small interest to understanding the requirements, reluctance to think and analyse out of the boundaries, reluctance to think like a customer or imagine particular cases from the end-user perspective. Apart from motivation problems mentioned above this can also be triggered by a lack of sufficient IT experience which makes it impossible to understand project requirements in detail.

Attempts to make poor deliveries
It is a common and well-known issue when a developer either knowingly or mistakenly delivers an unfinished or wrongly done job and hopes to be lucky enough to get it approved. This is a waste of customer’s time and budget in attempt to earn easy money.

No respect to customer’s business
When developers work on particular tasks but have a very little interest in what the final plan and business objectives are.

When I attempt to find new people, I conduct interviews for the selected ones and involve shortlisted people to the trial projects. Afterwards, I work on the ongoing basis with those who passed our evaluation.

Oleksandr Fesak
Oleksandr Fesak
Founder, Project Manager at EcDev Studio