EcDev Studio delivery standards

In software development, quality begins with an impeccable understanding of business requirements and a well-conducted discovery phase. And then the manufacturing standards come into play, which ultimately determine the further success of stakeholders in a business.

The projects are different, but for most of them, we take care of meeting the following criteria altogether.


This is a baseline. A variety of other quality metrics are also taken into account in relation to necessity or strict requirements.

  • The system meets all the project requirements specified.

  • The system successfully passes all test cases, automated tests, and benchmarks.

  • The system is reliable (there are no or very rare alarms from automated monitoring tools about system failure).

  • In terms of UX/UI, the product has an appealing and clean design and is simple to use.

  • If the product is web-based, it is fully mobile responsive.

  • The best practices and coding conventions are followed. In that case, the system is also maintained easily.

  • Security and Data Integrity practices are followed.

  • The system is load resistant (based on corresponding benchmarks made).

  • The product has high-performance indicators and is very convenient for end users due to instant load speed. In case of a complex page with massive data, the page itself loads instantly but particular sections are loaded with progress bars.

  • JavaScript is only ES6+, without the use of outdated methods.

  • Auto-scalable cloud services like AWS ECS, RDS, and others are used whenever possible and preferred over custom server configurations.

  • HTTPS and CDN are always used.

  • EcDev Studio team ensures that the client pays reasonable costs for cloud services like AWS. The necessary thresholds with automatic alerts are set.