Why React?

React is a modern JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Below are listed its key strengths

Very fast

One of the biggest things that React is superior in is the use of the Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) instead of the traditional DOM. The use of a virtual DOM speeds up the DOM update process. This is the key secret behind React high performance, and it makes React substantially faster than jQuery and Angular.

Flexible because of reusable components

React is a component-based JavaScript library that makes software development very efficient. In other words, a particular component like a data chart can be developed once and reused across different places of the web app. Later upon component modification, all the changes are automatically reflected across all the places where the component is used.


As React is open source, it offers its typical advantages of using open source software like transparency, cost-efficiency, and access to community resources.


Due to available server-side rendering, React is 100% SEO-friendly. Also, React has an additional SEO advantage because of its high speed. Performance is currently one of the key ranking factors.

Our work examples on React

Picup Media

B2B service offering high-quality photo/video solutions for jewelry stores. It includes built-in SaaS and e-commerce.


Online education marketplace called to make the learning process easy and accessible to everyone


Financial corporation website


React.js services our developers may provide

If you decided to hire React developers you might be interested in an entire list of services our developers provide.

  • React Web Development
  • React Business Intelligence
  • React Data Visualization
  • React Social and Interactive Apps
  • React E-commerce Development
  • React Portal Development
  • React UI Development
  • React Template Creation
  • Progressive Web Apps Development
  • React Enterprise Application Development
  • React Plugins & Components Development
  • Migration to React

Vetting process

A great resume does not always mean a great React developer. We understand it well, and thus for your success and our reputation we pay thorough attention to our hiring process.

Among hundreds of React specialists, we select those who are true experts in React with extensive experience and are capable to build high-end dynamic user interfaces.

These four steps describe our entire process of vetting a React.js developer.

  • 01

    The resume review

    We check how responsible the candidate is when searching for a job (resume accuracy, informativeness of the details, overall openness, etc), and also technical skills with the experience.

  • 02

    Soft skills and language proficiency check

    During the first interview round, we check the React developer candidate for the culture fit, dependability, emotional intelligence, communication skills, problem-solving attitude, perseverance, leadership qualities, and English language.

  • 03

    Hard skills check

    This interview depends on the level of a candidate. However, regardless of the level, for all React developers we perform verifications like understanding JSX, state management, HOC components, willingness to follow the React coding standards, etc. As part of the application process, we also perform a code review of the candidate's Github repository to verify code quality, following best practices and coding conventions.

  • 04

    The final reckoning

    Here, the developers go through a 2-month evaluation period in which they learn about work ethics and the company's rules and have a chance to prove themselves as credible team players. In the case of working with EcDev Studio, you will take advantage of working with a vetted expert, not a freelance ReactJS developer.

Frequently asked questions

React is an open-source JavaScript library designed specifically for building single-page applications. It is used to handle the view layer for web and mobile applications. We can also create reusable UI components with React. For mobile app development, the JS developer can use React Native.

The React JS makes front-end development a breeze. It allows developers to declaratively describe user interfaces, greatly simplifying the coding process while making the code easier to read and comprehend.

Hiring a dedicated React developer or a team is undoubtedly a winning solution for any company looking for high-performing and interactive web products. Web applications created with React are tailored to have interactive user interfaces of any complexity, be secure, and tremendously fast.

React.js is quickly turning into the most widely-used JavaScript framework (library) for the rapid development of rich and dynamic web products. No wonder Facebook, Netflix, Uber, as well as other giants and smaller brands are constantly in need of React.js talents. Thus, the demand for qualified React.js developers is only growing. Project development with React is preferred for many business managers as they like the speed of such web apps and reusability with React components.

There are three big players on the market: React, Vue.js, and Angular. We will exclude Angular from the comparison right away, as it is slower than the other two options. The only advantage of Angular is a cost-saving in the development of large-sized enterprise applications as it comes with many ready-made features, but this is not appropriate for building a high-performing web application for your startup.

If compare React and Vue.js there are particular similarities: both use component-based architecture and the virtual DOM, and both can be debugged in Chrome Dev Tools. You will not see much difference between the ready-to-use products built on any of these frameworks if you compare them. Both React and Vue.js are similar in terms of performance, they are suitable for building large-scale projects.

React is backed by Facebook, and has a larger developer community, resulting in the development of projects moving faster in many cases. React includes a large number of common features, and for many React-related problems, it will be possible to find more than one solution.

For businesses, it is crucial to be able to quickly locate a qualified developer on the market. As of 2022, React is the clear winner here due to its popularity.

As said above, in terms of performance React and Vue.js are pretty similar. Based on benchmarks we can see that it depends on the particular situation. The winner, in some cases, is React and in some cases it is Vue.js.

Technology availability is a major focus for vue.js, as the framework has a low entry threshold and is designed so that developers can easily get started with it. In comparison to React, Vue.js is focused on a specific and limited set of tasks. Vue.js is a compact framework with a minimalistic core. However, upon scaling the application there can be encountered problems such as routing, data exchange between components, and state management in big applications.

Many technical aspects of React and Vue.js are the subject of active discussion among developers. However, from a business standpoint React is definitely a great choice because of its performance, popularity, and a large amount of the ready components.

Progressive Web Apps are the web applications that have some of the following features specific to native apps:

  • Performance. Properly designed PWAs are always extremely fast.
  • Reliability. Thanks to Service Workers technology, the screen can be rendered even without an internet connection.
  • Integration. With PWA, everything loads smoothly and seamlessly. This is because the app resides on the user's device, can send push notifications, and has access to the device features like native apps.
  • Interactivity. Since push notifications are available, we can make the application fully interactive.

PWAs rely on the following technologies:

  • Service Worker
  • Web App Manifest
  • App Shell
  • Push Notifications

Among thousands of developers, React library is one of the favorite ways to build PWAs. Developers use the specific NPM command to quickly create the React app with the Progressive Web App template. If you decided to hire React developers for PWA it's definitely the right choice, but keep in mind that React is a front-end library, and you should care about the back-end.

Yes, React allows to building of responsive mobile-first websites. Also can be used the React Native framework in order to build a mobile application. React Native is currently one of the most popular frameworks for building mobile apps, it stays at the same level of popularity as Flutter. React Native is modular with maximum code reuse and cost-saving, also it is Community-driven.

Since 2015, we've been collecting our own database of tech specialists in Ukraine, including React programmers. In addition, we have direct access to an extended database of over 200,000 candidates looking for IT jobs, about 4% of them are React developers. Our recruiters are constantly monitoring new developers and attracting the most suitable ones to join our team. When we hire React.js developers we perform a vetting process described above. In case we need to hire a full-stack developer we perform extensive vetting to evaluate skills in server-side technologies like Node.js, WebSockets, PostgreSQL, and also basic concepts of AWS infrastructure.

The average rate of skilled React developers in Ukraine of middle level or higher varies from $40 to $50 per hour.

Hiring React.js developers in EcDev Studio costs $40-70 per hour depending on the experience level, which starts from the Middle.

Yes. At least 80 hours is the minimum requirement to get started with developing your React app. If you need to hire a team of React developers, UI/UX designers, and others then the minimum number of hours is 40 for each expert.

Definitely. We will first expect from you some detailed project specifications and then will jump onto the analysis phase to give you an estimate of how many hours the project will take.

We usually work with Javascript, SQL/NoSQL databases, API, vector graphics, business intelligence, and CI/CD. In the JS development, we use Express, Nest.js, Apollo Client/Server, Gatsby, Next.js, and other Javascript frameworks, that are especially relevant for full-stack development.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Tell us what skills you need and what your end goals are. We'll schedule a call and discuss your needs.
  2. We find the best talent for you among our vetted developers in a team.
  3. Arrange an interview between you and our react.js developer, where you ensure the developer meets your criteria.
  4. Your trial will begin now, where our React developer is going to demonstrate their high qualification and capability to deliver complex tasks.

Many of our clients follow these steps including the trial in order to hire dedicated ReactJS developers or other experts. We usually establish trust with new clients and cooperate with them for the long term. During the hiring process, we also perform the discovery phase (either free or paid, depending on scope) in order to make a precise estimation, define priorities, and better understand the project goals. Once again, before you buy development services, especially for the long term you need to ensure the developers can bring value to your business, which depends both on soft and hard skills. You should be extra careful when hiring remote developers to work on your web application.

Yes, sure. Our React developers are fully comfortable with both written communication and conference calls. As a side note, when performing development services, direct communication is a must in many cases. Before you hire ReactJS developers it is recommended to conduct an interview to ensure that you will be comfortable working with them. It is particularly important if you are going to hire freelance React developers where there is no other communicator in the team.

You are more than welcome to. Even though they all have gone through numerous interviews on our end, you can conduct your own interview with the preferred candidate to make sure they are fully qualified to work with you on your projects. It is encouraged to request an interview if you are planning to hire ReactJS developers, to additionally check their technical skills, knowledge of javascript frameworks and other technologies, and also give some technical assignments to test them. It's relevant for React developers as well as any other technicians in software development.