Advantages of hiring React developers at EcDev Studio

  • Architecture


    We take care of software architecture right away. Your project won't become a building without a foundation, it can be extended with new modules or maintained easily.

  • Performance


    We take care of high web app speed and auto-scaling configuration for supporting high traffic spikes.

  • Reliability


    Production environment won't fall during support & maintenance. We follow the common practices in CI/CD, automatic uptime monitoring, and anomaly detection.

  • Integrity


    With your consent, a single, integrated team can manage every aspect – analysis, design, development, DevOps, QA, and project management. It eliminates the possible conflicts between departments.

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Why React?

React is a modern JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Its key strengths are listed below:


Very fast

One of the biggest things that React is superior in is the use of the Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) instead of the traditional DOM. The use of a virtual DOM speeds up the DOM update process. This is the key secret behind React high performance, and it makes React substantially faster than jQuery and Angular.


Flexible because of reusable components

React is a component-based library that makes software development very efficient. In other words, a particular component, such as a data chart, can be developed once and later reused all over your React app. Later upon component modification, all the changes are automatically reflected in all the places where the component is used.



As React is open source, it comes with all those typical advantages common to open source software development experience. These are transparency, cost-efficiency, and access to community resources.



Due to available server-side rendering, React is 100% SEO-friendly. Also, React has an additional SEO advantage due to its high speed. Performance is currently one of its key ranking factors.

Our work examples on React


Unified & Fully Automated HR Platform Connecting People and Industries.

Single SpaNest.jsJestRedux
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Home Electrification portal development.

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Development of a public website and AI driven digital product that gives customers access to personalized healthcare recommendations 24/7.

Digital HealthcareReactNode.jsREST APIPostgreSQLAWSSaaSUI/UX Design

React.js services our developers may provide

If you decide to hire React.JS developers you might be interested in the entire list of services our developers provide:

  • React Web Development
  • React Business Intelligence
  • React Data Visualization
  • React Social and Interactive Apps
  • React E-commerce Development
  • React Portal Development
  • React UI Development
  • React Template Creation
  • Progressive Web Apps Development
  • React Enterprise Application Development
  • React Plugins & Components Development
  • Migration to React

A great resume does not always mean a great React engineer. We understand it well, and thus for your success and our reputation, we pay thorough attention to our hiring process.

Among hundreds of React specialists, we select only those who are true experts in React with extensive hands-on experience and are capable of building high-end dynamic user interfaces.

These four steps describe our entire process of vetting a React.js developer.

  • 01

    Resume review

    We check how responsible the candidate is when searching for a job (resume accuracy, precision of the details, overall openness, etc). We also match their React development skills with the technical expertise they have.

  • 02

    Soft skills and language proficiency check

    In the first interview round, we check the React developer candidate on culture fit, dependability, emotional intelligence, communication skills, problem-solving ability, perseverance, leadership qualities, and English language command.

  • 03

    Hard skills check

    This interview step varies depending on the candidate's level. However, all the ReactJS developers need to prove their understanding of JSX, state management, HOC components, willingness to follow the React coding standards, etc. As a part of the application process, we also perform a code review of the candidate's Github repository to verify code quality, ability to follow the best practices and coding conventions.

  • 04

    The final reckoning

    The selected candidates go through a 2-month evaluation period where they learn our work ethics and established rules. They have a chance to prove themselves as credible team players. Once approved by EcDev Studio, these developers keep working closely with our team leads as they might need additional training to be fully prepared to work on complex projects.

What EcDev Studio offers

Vetted Ukrainian professionals
Only proven engineers with a successful track record in EcDev Studio are involved. There’s no hassle, no search fuss. In contrast to an endless rotation of allocated experts, our clients are satisfied with the skill, attitude, and work results.
High commercial standarts for deliveries
We are well-versed in the software outsourcing market, and our team works hard to belong to that small percentage of firms that provide truly excellent service.
Management staff with startup experience
Usually, our deliveries are in line with the marketing goals of our clients and bring them desired results. By leveraging our experience, we can help you decide on marketing strategies and prevent obvious mistakes. Of course, we respect NDA and do not reveal any sensitive details.

Frequently asked questions

React is an open-source JavaScript library designed specifically for building single-page applications. It is used for handling the view layer within web and mobile applications. It is possible to create reusable UI components with React. A JS developer can use React Native to develop mobile apps.

React JS makes front-end development a breeze. It allows developers to declaratively build user interfaces, greatly simplifying the coding process while making the code easier to read, comprehend and reuse. Thus, before you hire React.JS developers, discuss your product specifications with them to make sure this technology is the best fit for your business needs.

Hiring a dedicated React developer or a team is undoubtedly a winning solution for any company looking for high-performing and interactive web products. Web applications created with React are tailored to have interactive user interfaces of any complexity, being secure and tremendously fast. Working with a dedicated team of senior ReactJS developers will give you a competitive advantage over other companies as you will get access to top-notch technologies, trusted by the leading world's brands, as well as widely used by startups.

React.JS is rapidly becoming the most widely-used JavaScript framework (library) for rapid development of rich and dynamic web products. No wonder Facebook, Netflix, Uber, as well as other giants and smaller brands are constantly in need of top React.JS developers. Thus, the demand for qualified React.JS developers is only growing. Project development with React is preferred by many business managers as they like the speed of such web apps and the reusability of React components.

A vast number of Ukrainian software development companies outsource React JS development overseas and thus significantly increase affordability of top-notch app development solutions. A strong team of offshore ReactJS developers will not only help you build a planned product, but will also provide an ongoing tech support to make sure your product can scale. If you are considering to hire React JS development team, make sure you choose a trusted outsourcing vendor that works with demanded tech stacks and is able to not just follow some ready technical requirements but also suggest solutions for better performance of your cross platform apps.

When planning to hire React JS development team, you definitely expect high-level deliverables, proactiveness, and simply getting your tech needs covered. However, there is a number of things you are recommended to do your side to make the whole process run more smoothly:

  • Make sure you have detailed project specifications available. Each vague detail might result in endless fixes and thus additional hours billed.
  • Plan your project milestones with your project manager. It will ensure better workload balancing and thus you can test your project progress more effectively.
  • Plan your availability for regular scheduled meetings. Hiring an offshore react development team might often mean you will be working in different time zones. Usually, Ukrainian React development teams will expect your morning availability so try to plan your schedule accordingly.

There are three big players on the market: React, Vue.js, and Angular. We will exclude Angular from the comparison for now, as it is slower than the other two options. Angular's only advantage is its cost-savings. Development of large-sized enterprise applications comes with multiple ready-made features, but this is not appropriate for building a high-performing web application for your startup.

If you compare React and Vue.JS there are some particular similarities: both use component-based architecture and the virtual DOM, and both can be debugged in Chrome Dev Tools. You will not see a significant difference between the ready-to-use products built on any of these frameworks if you compare them. Both React and Vue.JS are similar in terms of performance, making them ideal for building large-scale projects.

React is backed by Facebook, and has a larger community of developers, resulting in project development moving faster in many cases. React comes with a large number of common features, and thus for many React-related problems, it will be possible to find more than one solution.

For businesses, it is crucial to be able to quickly allocate a qualified developer to work on the project. As of 2022, React is the clear winner here due to its popularity.

As said above, in terms of performance React and Vue.JS are pretty similar. Based on benchmarks we can see that the winner depends on the particular situation. In some cases, it is React and in some cases it is Vue.JS.

Technology availability is a major focus for Vue.JS, as the framework has a low entry threshold and is designed in a way developers can easily get started with it. In comparison to React, Vue.JS is focused on a specific and limited set of tasks. Vue.JS is a compact framework with a minimalistic core. However, as the application scales, there may be issues such as routing, data exchange between components, and state management.

Many technical aspects of React and Vue.JS are the subject of active discussion among JS developers. However, from a business standpoint React is definitely a great choice because of its performance, popularity, and a large amount of ready components.