about ecdev

Why Us?

A team of talented web and mobile UI/UX designers will make you stand out with a visually-appealing and advanced user interface. Here are our key strengths:


Deepest research

Before working on the detailed UX wireframes, our design team conducts an in-depth analysis of your brand, product features, and its digital value. A competitive analysis is performed to identify the best UI approaches in your industry, define a user persona and work on emphasising those key strengths that will differentiate you from the competition. Every interface design we work on is going through in-depth marketing analysis as we need to see if it is going to do well for your sales funnel.


Custom graphic design

After 10+ years of experience in UI/UX design, we definitely know that the graphic design need to be unique. Yet, it does not mean you need to stand out with something absolutely new that no one will understand. Our UI designers always look for a perfect balance between the best practices and some custom touches. Every icon, illustration or interface design is always crafted with the sense of creativity in mind. We never want to look stock-like in our designs because we know that it is not going to bring you any competitive advantage.


With development in mind

Each our UI/UX designer is well trained to take even the smallest development details into account when delivering design services. They do not just produce an appealing visual mockup of your site or product, they also know how to deal in advance with SVG incompatibilities, imperfections across different screen resolutions or bowsers and other details that the developers might later struggle with. Our UI designers create all the necessary interactions for your user interface so that the developers don't have to invent things themselves. Thus, the entire design and development process goes smoother and much fewer delays are found on the way.


Easier communication

All the design communication is handled by a UX lead who is a former senior UI/UX designer. Unlike a traditional approach where you discuss project details with a project manager, here you can have a more design-focused conversation during your schedules meetings. Thus, you can always count on a well-detailed feedback regarding your suggested UX/UI solutions and web design inspiration samples. With this approach, every user interface we work on is more detailed, has smooth user experience on both desktop and mobile, as well as is more aligned with your business needs.

Our UI/UX examples

Picup Media

UI/UX design of a B2B e-commerce public website and a SaaS dashboard offering high-quality photo/video solutions for jewelry stores.

JewelryEcommerceSaaSUI/UX DesignWeb DesignProduct Design

UI/UX design of a public website and a set of custom calculators for a financial company.

FinanceUI/UX DesignWeb DesignResearch

UI/UX design of a public website and a SaaS product for an I2M management platform.

BenchmarkingUI/UX DesignWeb DesignGraphic DesignMotion Design

UI/UX design services our designers may provide

If you decided to hire a UI/UX designer for your project, you might be interested in an entire list of services our design team provides:

  • Web app design, mobile app design
  • Creating user personas
  • Interactive prototyping
  • Motion design
  • Web design, landing page design, logo and branding design
  • User research, information architecture and creating wireframes
  • UI/UX guidance to improve your conversions, ROI and reduce bounce rates
  • Building interaction models and scenarios for web pages, landing pages
  • User interface simplification for feature-rich dashboards/platforms/mobile apps

Vetting process

A great artist does not always mean a great UI/UX designer. It actually requires a much more extended set of skills, such as excellent analytical skills, marketing background, understanding of the behavioural phycology of users. Thus, whenever we need to hire an additional design talent, we take all these factors into thorough consideration.

Among hundreds of UI/UX designers we choose those who do not just demonstrate an excellent portfolio of accomplished projects, but also prove themselves as good analysts, able to explain the reasons why some approaches are non user-friendly, as well as suggest truly winning UI/UX solutions. Being a good UI/UX designer is not just about creating interfaces that look nice, but also perform well once developed.

These four steps describe our entire process of vetting a UI/UX designer.

  • 01

    Resume review

    We check how motivated and responsible the candidate is when looking for a UX/UI job (resume structure, overall attention to detail).

  • 02

    Soft skills and language proficiency check

    The UI/UX designer is tested to prove their emotional intelligence, dependability, communication skills, and English language command. We check their analytical skills to make sure the candidate is not just blindly following the provided specifications, but rather suggesting worthy alternatives where improvements are needed.

  • 03

    Hard skills check

    We check whether the UI/UX designer is able to create the mockups that are comfortable for the developers to work with (spacing accuracy, global styling, reusable components, creating design systems). We also need to make sure the candidate is able to work with a variety of design tools, to meet different UX/UI design needs.

  • 04

    The final reckoning

    The UI/UX designers go through a 2-month evaluation period, where they discover our work ethics and have a chance to prove themselves as credible team players. They work under the close supervision of a UX lead. Their mockups are constantly revised for the correspondence with the style guide, ability to follow technical standards and guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

If you need one UI designer or a team of UI designers, they can also work under the supervision of your existing designers or product managers if you prefer. To design the best user interface for your web and mobile app, it might often take a few different UI designers to work together. Thus feel free to hire the best UI designer that will be the most suitable for your project needs.

Sure, you can set up and introductory call with the UX/UI designer of your choice and test their style preferences, creativity and flow of ideas. To help you choose an ideal candidate, we can send you a portfolio of each designer so that you could see whose style is the best match for your project. Thus, before you hire a UI/UX designer, you may rest assured you know how he/she differs from other designers in our company. Or you can leave the choice to us and let us pick the best UX/UI designer for your project.

UI designers (user interface designers) are responsible for the visual concept of your web and mobile apps or websites. They mostly deal with icons, buttons, color choices, typography, illustrations, animations, image choices. Whereas UX designers (user experience designers) are building the flows how visitors should use the product, how they should understand it and what they should feel. This is the part that usually proceeds a UI design, yet UX analysis is vital all over the entire design process.

In our company, UI/UX designers are capable of creating interface design solutions that do not just look good, but are also easy to use and navigate.

All the UI/UX designers in our company are senior designers and their hourly rate varies from $40 to $70, depending on the project complexity. Even though all our designers possess strong analytical skills and have good English command, they work under the supervision of a UX/UI lead, which adds a layer of confidence that the interface design is well-tested and user-friendly.

If you had your UI design done by another team and now planning to send it into development, make sure this design is user-friendly and will perform well once developed. Our UX/UI team will gladly conduct a UX audit of your existing interface design and will suggest the improvements aimed to boost your app design usability and increase future ROI index. We are also ready to analyse your developed products and suggest small improvements that could make a huge difference. UX design improvements do not always mean a complete site or product revamp. Thus, our UX/UI lead can analyse your product from the marketing standpoint, suggest improvements and come up with the solutions that would work better for your sales funnel.