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Why Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. Below are listed its key strengths.


Very fast

Node. js is known to produce super-fast-performing and scalable apps as it uses event-driven architecture and non-blocking (asynchronous) tasks that run on a single thread.


Large developers community

Node.js development has become very popular over the last years and continues to stand the competition making startups worldwide choose it over other available options.


Rich ecosystem

One word – npm, a default Node.js package manager, it also serves as a marketplace for open source JavaScript tools, which plays an important role in the advance of this technology. With about 836,000 libraries available in the npm registry as of now, and over 10,000 new ones being published every week, the Node.js ecosystem is quite rich. The same stats point out that 97 percent of modern web applications consist of npm modules. And that’s proof of its undisputable popularity among developers.


Scalable technology for microservices

Node. js being event-based is a very good fit for microservices. With things like streams and real-time capabilities, choosing Node.js for your next microservice should be a no brainer.

Our work examples on Node.js


Unified & Fully Automated HR Platform Connecting People and Industries.

Single SpaNest.jsJestRedux
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Home Electrification portal development.

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Development of a public website and AI driven digital product that gives customers access to personalized healthcare recommendations 24/7.

Digital HealthcareReactNode.jsREST APIPostgreSQLAWSSaaSUI/UX Design

Node.js services available

  • Node.js Web Development
  • Node.js Serverless Development
  • Node.js Social and Interactive Apps
  • Node.js E-commerce Development
  • Node.js Real-time Data Processing
  • Node.js API Development

Vetting process

A great resume does not always mean a great developer. We understand it well, and thus for your success and our reputation we pay thorough attention to our hiring process.

The entire process is described in 4 steps below.

  • 01

    The resume review

    We check how responsible is the candidate when searching for a job (resume accuracy, informativeness of the details, overall openness, etc), and also actual skills with experience.

  • 02

    Soft skills and language proficiency check

    On the first interview round, we check the candidate for the culture fit, dependability, emotional intelligence, communication skills, problem-solving attitude, perseverance, leadership qualities, English language.

  • 03

    Hard skills check

    The interview depends on the level of a candidate. However, for any candidate level, we have some common verifications like following the coding standards, understanding V8 engine, REST API, proficiency in asynchronous programming, frameworks, databases, etc. If available, we also make a code review of candidate's Github repositories.

  • 04

    The final reckoning

    At this step, a 2-month evaluation period starts where the developer gets a deep drive into work ethics, the company established rules and gets a chance to evince themself as a credible team player.

Frequently asked questions

An offshore software development team saves businesses considerable time and money, giving them access to a global reserve of skilled workers. The main benefits of hiring offshore teams are cost savings, and ability to expand or reduce human resources quickly.

Going offshore to hire a dedicated Node.js development team is undoubtedly a winning solution for any company looking for new incentives, scalability and growth.

We have direct access to more than 200,000 tech specialists in Ukraine as well as our own database of prospects we’ve gathered since 2015. While searching for suitable candidates, our highly experienced recruiters use their networks, internal communication channels and stimulate our developers to refer their peers.

React.js is quickly becoming the most popular framework of JavaScript, which, in turn, has been recognized as the most used programming language in 2020. Giants like Facebook, Uber, Netflix, and others are in constant need of qualified React.js developers, not to mention a myriad of smaller companies. This creates an ebb in the talent pool - a shortage of skilled and experienced professionals.

EcDev Studio is located in the Eastern Europe. Hiring a Node.js developer in our company costs $40-70 per hour depending on the expertise level, which starts from Middle.

Yes. At least 80 hours is the minimum requirement to get started.