January 15, 2019

How we helped our customers in 2018

Here are listed some of the most significant customer challenges that we helped to resolve:

1. How we helped IDNA startup to stabilize their project and organize a reliable maintenance process

Initial problem
Suisse Life Science PLC company had its own healthcare/lifestyle startup on the initial stage with a couple of related sites (public website, survey web app and customer private area web app). The startup already had some amount of customers but struggled with further enhancements, was facing an endless defect fixing process and receiving numerous customer support requests because of system failures. The company found it obvious that they couldn’t move forward with all those issues and decided to start looking for a reliable development team to fix them.

How we resolved it
When we investigated their web projects for the first time, the main issues we found were poor mobile responsivity (lots of issues across multiple devices), unstructured code with major mistakes and not-followed coding conventions. The company tested us by asking to resolve major responsivity problems on their main site. We successfully applied the relevant fixes and it was the beginning of our long-term cooperation.
As the first project for this startup, we accomplished a brand new product website with a new design, new approach and with the highest demand to quality. The final version of a public website is available by this link: Before the final version was released, there had been several revisions/improvements (the customer was testing the performance of different approaches and content). All the revisions were smooth, delivered in a timely manner and the existing functionalities always kept functioning after new modifications were applied.

After the successful delivery of a public website, the company asked us to re-create a new survey web application on Angular framework for the same startup. An initial app version had similar performance issues, app behavior was defined in app code, company staff could modify only text content in server-side API.
We delivered a web application with a fully dynamic architecture where everything (questions, answers, sequences, chapters, rules, restrictions, and animation presets) could be controlled from server-side API without changing any single line in a code. In addition, lively animations and user interactions were applied. In the long run, the web app did not have quality and performance issues anymore, user experience was improved and the app became visually cleaner. Here is a link to one of the active chapters:

As the final, most interesting and most complicated project from the same company, our task was to re-create their customer private area web application. The reason was the same: eliminating quality issues, creating and integrating a new design. Below are the screenshots of what we delivered (unfortunately I cannot provide an access to the private account):

Except for designing the pages for an app and integrating the functionality, our team was deeply involved in analysing the details, creating the best user scenarios and flows. Functionality includes: food planning, nutrition schedule, doctors/patients interaction, numerous UI animations, business intelligence, generating an extended PDF file based on dynamic user data.

2. How we helped ICO / blockchain company to launch cryptocurrency payment gateway for e-commerce

Initial problem
DNotes Global Inc is ICO / blockchain company and also a provider of blockchain-based solutions for developers. One of their decisions was to create DNotes payment gateways for most e-commerce platforms (Woocommerce, Magento, Open Cart and others). The company started with the basic research in this area but lack of competence in plugins development did not allow them to move forward. This is where we came to help.

How we resolved it
We started with gateway development for Woocommerce. An overall idea was pretty clear after our first talk. We received API reference, suggested the efficient user flow, discussed several security aspects and started researching how cryptocurrency API works. The entire project took about 80 working hours, it included research, development part and further improvements. We delivered a completed and fully tested gateway solution within less than 3 weeks in total.
Here is what the company writes about a gateway we’ve released:
After this successful delivery, the company asked us to design and build a new high-tech web resource for women, with critically high demands to web design. Here is a result of our work:

3. How we helped our customer to increase the conversion rate

Initial problem
Our customer in a legal niche came to us with a couple of problems: poor mobile responsivity on his sites, sudden issues in leads distribution, slow maintenance from the existing team.

How we resolved it
Our cooperation started with the development of a simple lead generation website (which was a trial task to test our performance). After the successful initial delivery we created 5 more websites in the same niche but in different directions (e.g. injury compensations, car accidents, etc). Main principle that we followed was helping to achieve the core business goals (good conversions), not just doing our coding job. We encountered issues where in particular cases visitors got dropped on some steps of the entire data submitting flow, we spent time and paid significant attention to researching the analytics, determining where the losses in conversions came from and resolved them. After our intervention, the conversion rates on all the customer’s websites were increased by 1% in average, sites load speed and overall reliability were enhanced.

What are the plans for 2019?

We are going to work tightly on Big Data, real time data computing and mobile development, currently researching the technologies and making the necessary prototypes. This year, we also started with the development of 2 online platforms (one is e-learning, second is job portal), so going to evolve in this direction as well.

Oleksandr Fesak
Oleksandr Fesak
Founder, Project Manager at EcDev Studio